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We are Wolves and Memories, Ana (photographer) and Tiberiu (videographer/photographer), husband and wife, simple and warm people, passionate about small joys and trips, nature, coffee and summer, proud parents of Calin.
Ana – I am in love with books of all kind, people`s stories, nature, small things that happen without a reason, the clean air of the mountains, new places and their history, Friends TV show.
Tiberiu – I am in love with coffee, the seaside, cinematography and everything about it (image, sound, light, color, scenography…). My goal is to win a big cinematography prize in the next few years.
Calin – in love with books, cars, the Galaxy, trips and trains. 🙂
We are inspired by people, their stories, details, the past and all the lessons that it thought us, life in general and every emotion known to man.
Nice meeting you awesome people!

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