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Our story

We`ve met in Vama Veche over 9 years ago. Our first photo was taken the second we met. A friend was taking a picture with me and he hugged me shyly when the camera went off. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw his blue eyes gleaming with amusement.

We were supposed to meet after 2 days, on my birthday. I caught a cold and I felt really bad and after many hours of work I was looking forward to our encounter.

However, he did not show. He wanted to sleep a little, to be fresh for the big meeting, but didn’t wake up in time. He called me that night and we`ve talked for more than 2 hours. We fell in love and after 2 years we got married.

Now we have Calin, our precious boy, with the sweetest laugh. He was born at 2kg and I will never forget when they put him in my arms for the first time. The memory of our tears, tears of unmeasured happiness, will stay with us our entire lives.


Tibi is a very patient man, who loves coffee and the sea. He makes me laugh every day and I drive him crazy very often, but I don’t forget to tell him I love him.


After more than 9 years since we met, 7 years of marriage, over 6 years working together, a sweet and curious boy, we are equally in love.


Our professional story

Our professional story started together as well. I shared my passion for photography with him and while I was working in sales and he was working in the medical field I had a revelation: this passion is too special to not become a profession.

A lot of study followed and sleepless nights practicing. In the meantime, Tibi was completely captured by videography and so we made a team.

We have butterflies in our stomach before each event, as we know that one of the most important memories of your life depend on us. However, we enjoy every second of it and we love to capture every single emotion that arises during the day, every single smile full of love during our photo and video sessions and every single crazy moment at the party.

We wish you all but wonderful memories!

Tibi, Ana and Călin

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